This is a lecture on mechanics for our freshmen in Technical Physics.
  • Physik I (Mechanik): Vorlesung + Aufgaben mit Lösungen

    This is a lecture on electric phenomena for the sophomore class in Technical Physics.

  • Physik II (Elektrizitätslehre): Vorlesung + Aufgaben mit Lösungen

    This is a lecture on thermodynamics for the sophomore class in Technical Physics.

  • Physik III (Thermodynamik): Vorlesung + Aufgaben mit Lösungen

  • Formelsammlung zur Klausur


    This is the obligatory basics lecture in quantum physics for our master course in micro- and nanotechnology (4 + 2 hours lectures/exercises). It is intended to cover nearly all topics (quantum mechanics, the nature of the chemical bond, solid state physics (static and dynamic), and basics of laser physics) which are required for the understanding of the following subjects. Among them are physics of low-dimensional structures, semiconductor technology, and physics of thin layers (including physics of low-temperature plasmas). Exercises and their extensive solutions are included.
  • Grundlagen der Quantenphysik

  • Quantenmechanik: Vorlesung + Aufgaben mit Lösungen

  • Quantenchemie: Vorlesung + Aufgaben mit Lösungen

  • Festkörperphysik: Vorlesung + Aufgaben mit Lösungen

  • The advanced course on the physics of semiconductor processing is a 4 hours lecture. It contains the physics vacuum technology, diffusion processes, and low temperature plasmas. It is mainly based on my book on low pressure discharges. The version presented here is based on two summer courses at Walter Schottky Institut in 2006 and 2008, resp.

  • Plasmaphysik: Voraussetzungen

  • Plasmaphysik I: Einführung

  • Plasmaphysik II: Streuprozesse

  • Plasmaphysik III: DC-PLasmen

  • Plasmaphysik IV: kapazitiv gekoppelte Plasmen

  • Plasmaphysik V: Hochdichte-PLasmen

  • Plasmaphysik VI: Sputtern

  • Plasmaphysik VII: Reaktives Ionenätzen

  • Plasmaphysik VIII: Plasmadiagnostik

  • Plasmaphysik IV: Diffusionsprozesse

  • Plasmaphysik V:Übungen und Lösungen

  • The advanced course covers some important matters which are required for a deeper understanding of physics. First of all, the dipole and the dipole radiation ist extensively treated. This is necessary to understand the conditions of Bohr's axioms and the origin of electromagnetic mass. Some eigenvalue problems are treated: the harmonic oscillator for molecules with more than two atoms (some group theory is required), the rigid rotor, effects in the magnetic field (nmr and esr), and the hydrogen atom, especially the non-classical movement of the electron for l=0.
  • Profil der ADVANCED TOPICS

  • Advanced Topics

  • Übungen und Lösungen zu den Advanced Topics

  • During the course, two practical excercises have to be followed, called "Mikropraktikum" and "Nanopraktikum", resp., covering various aspects of theory and practice. To develop and generate patterns in the nano range, advanced methods have to be applied. Here, some of them are introduced: nano imprinting, dry etching, and the control of geometry and plasma.
  • Unterlagen für den Nanoversuch im Dünnschichtlabor

  • Themen für Abschlussarbeiten

    Die Themen für unsere Abschlussarbeiten umfassen das weite Feld der Niederdruckplasmen, die sowohl diagnostisch wie in ihren präparativen Anwendungen untersucht werden. Kleinere Einheiten werden in Semesterarbeiten angeboten.
  • Topics for a final thesis (bachelor and master degree)

  • Topics for a term thesis (master degree)

  • Plätze für Abschlussarbeiten in Deutschland

  • Contacts to laboratories in the U.S. (only master thesis and PhD)

    Studium generale

    This is a course on aesthetics, particularly for music as the part of arts which depends most significantly on the category of time, and science (physics and chemistry). It is based on my book FLUKTUATIONEN and several advanced topics which can be loaded down from this page.

  • Fluktuationen

  • Inhalt der Vorlesung über Schönheit

  • Materialien zur Vorlesung über Schönheit (Bilder)

  • Materialien zur Vorlesung über Schönheit (Diagramme)

  • Materialien zur Vorlesung über Schönheit (Noten)

  • L. Bernstein zur 5. Symphonie, 1. Satz (1. Teil)

  • L. Bernstein zur 5. Symphonie, 1. Satz (2. Teil)

  • Alliteration in der Musik (L. Bernstein)

  • Musik und Semantik (L. Bernstein)

  • Steinerne Symmetrie in der Musik (L. Bernstein)

  • Konstruktion und Baugeschichte des Pantheons